tangled in blue

do you feel my color?

sighs, gasps, warm breath on my neck

do you feel my color?

wet bodies, grasping, pulsating

do you feel my color?

ocean trance, I let you in my soul

your color disappears inside me

do you feel my color?

we come together…..colorless euphoria

do you see, our hearts are the same color?


my “Prince” Albert…

I have found my lover, “the” lover for me. Euphoric, unbelievable love making. His Prince Albert piercing, (a ring thru the head of his penis) takes us over the edge. It would still be the best sex ever without it, but it hits the “G” just right.

it’s only wednesday

I slept horrible last night, got up at 6, made breakfast for Blake, drove him to school, and laid back down for a good hour when I got back. I had a good day at work, did yoga when I got home and I’m winding down. I go in later tomorrow so I plan to run, do dishes and tan before I go to work. I’m planning on sleeping well so I feel like getting up. Shopping with mom tomorrow night, friday is homecoming and I have to go to the funeral home for my great uncle. Saturday, work til noon, Luke is going to a bike show, Sunday I’m relaxing I hope. Wednesday next week, I have an appt with a personal trainer, I just need some direction and a plan. He will show me what to do. I will tell him my goals and areas I want to work on. I need new clothes, I hate baggy pants!!

morning run

As much as I wanted to lay back down after taking my son to school, I didn’t. I work 10:30-7pm today and tomorrow, so the morning is ideal to exercise. I ran 2.5, it’s a nice cool morning. Walked the dogs first, they always see me drive up when I get home, and they know it’s time for a walk. I walk them morning and night, I never slack on them.

Exercise and weight lose has made our sex life even better. Better orgasms, more endurance, flexibilty(yoga rocks!) and feeling good about my body. Luke is in great shape, sexy……

writing for me

I want to write everyday, just a short paragraph or so.  My journey thru weightloss  and exercise, how it’s changed my life in many ways.  February, 2013, I was diagnosed with ADD, put on adderol, with the dose slowly increased each month. This curbed my appetite and helped my depression so much. More than any antidepressant ever has. Luke constantly asked, “what did you do with my wife?”  I was finally feeling “normal”.  I wasn’t sleeping anytime possible. My outlook on life was changing.

Memorial weekend of 2013, I decided to see if I could jog “slowly”, a mile. I hadn’t done a mile since highschool. I went down to the track with Blake (I think), and I did it. It was hard, it sucked, but I did it. I slowly started to add on to that, bought running shoes, and actually learned to love it.

Luke, Blake and I did our first 5k on Sept. 8, 2013. 3.1 miles, it was fun. Running across the finish line was weird, strangers cheering you on. I had done some 4, 5 and 6 miles so I knew I would make it. I am slow but I never stop. I would like to do the half marathon next year.

Today I did 1 hour of yoga and ran (jogged) 5 miles. The run was easy strangley enough. I finally realized at 41 years old, that I need to excercise, not just now to loose weight, but the rest of my life. I’ve grown to love it. Changes in my body are so cool. My neck is thinner, shoulders looking good, my collar bone will show soon ( I hope), boobs smaller : (, I need smaller bras, I have a waist, my abs are shapping up, I love wearing belts now, my inner thighs are thinning, and my legs are strong. My upper body needs some work, a lot of work.

I would like to do Tough Mudder with Luke next year. I have a whole year to train. I know I can do it. My arms have to get much stronger to do it and I want to loose 60 lbs. I’ve lost 35 already. Twenty five to go… diet needs major improvement, I love food. I don’t crave fast food anymore, no soda. I eat too much sugar. I won’t give up chocolate. I’ve replaced icecream with popsicles. Sugar still, but less fat.

I’m not a morning person, but I’m trying to get my exercise in the morning, although my best runs are at night. It’s hard to exercise when everyone is home, I feel like I should be spending time with them. I do the best when home alone, no one to distract me.